Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pocket-size Peppers & Family

Many months ago I posted a note that I was planting vegetables with the hopes of expanding our garden next year to include eggplant, blueberries and grapes, I believe. Well because I'm the person who always finds the silver lining, I will just say that Kai & I grow the cutest vegetables EVER. They may not be the most robust peppers in the group, but they are without a doubt, the most adorable.

I can also say that it's a good thing for Kai that we don't live in an area or time that holds the 'living off the land' platform. Poor thing would be wasting away to nothing if that was the case. I must admit though that our lunch yesterday was THE BEST pizza we've ever made. A whole lot of that had to do with the fact it included all the little guys featured above, who came straight from our balcony. And all were topped with fresh mozzarella.

As good as they were, our tomatoes will never taste as good as my grandparents'. Their garden was bigger than our entire house and backyard combined. My grandpa & I would pick fresh tomatoes and beans, bring them inside to grandma who would then slice, dice & season. All of this on the side of a fresh macaroni salad with sun-brewed ice tea from the yard. OMG - amazing!

In fact, when I told my g-ma that we were growing our own tomato plants, her first question was "Oh, so you're going to start canning?" At which point I burst into immediate laughter. I don't have the heart to show her the size of our tomatoes. I think the fact that we have to include a quarter to show relative size in our photos says it all. It's so much fun though - and the best part is that they're growing like crazy! Not bigger...just a whole slew of them all this size.

On another note, more book reviews coming soon. I finished two more, but have issues with my camera (hence, the vegetable post)

Lastly, I joined a gym and am completely rocking it out. This is the first time (and there have been MANY gyms in my past) that I'm excited when I get there and am already looking forward to the next time as I exit. A huge inspiration was our last visit to Kai's parents. My mother in law is in amazing shape and exudes the healthy glow so many strive for. I realized then that I need to get in gear. If she can fit the gym & dance classes into her schedule, ANYONE can. more excuses.
I'm lovin' it!


  1. Lovely garden grub! I too am basking in the summer lovin that is our backyard city garden! Good luck on the gym reunion! It's always great to get into that groove!

  2. Hilarious! My grandparents had a big garden too and I wish I could figure out how they did it...most likely by spending a lot more time in it than I do in mine!