Sunday, January 25, 2009

Whoooooo aaare you? ooh ooh. ooh ooh.

I took this pix from my camel. It shows our 15 yr old Berber guide leading Kai on the first camel, followed by my camel with me & all our supplies for our evening in the Sahara.

We are best friends and we laugh a lot.
He’s a Mac. I’m a PC. We are right-brained. We love travel, music, food, trying new things and are big big football (soccer) fanatics. He’s Chelsea. I’m Barcelona. (It’s okay.)

After nine years of dating, we decided we were ready to settle down. And where else but in Vegas with our friends & family dressed in full costume? That was six years ago this May. 15 years into it and we’re still having fun!

So, I’m sure it’s clear to everyone by now that after years of traipsing around NYC, living in shoebox-sized apartments at ridiculous prices and traveling on a whim - we kind of missed the boat on buying a home & starting a family in our 20s. But haven’t you heard, 40 is the new 20? (and we don’t regret a moment of it)

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  1. Hi Tami & Kai,
    I am so excited for you guys. You're going to be great parents and this is such an awesome thing that you're doing for this child. He/She doesn't know how lucky they are! Best of luck and I love the blog, I'm going to be regular!
    Love, Barb