Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A little off topic...

Summer is around the corner and that means...the best of the best futbol teams are on a US tour, working their magic to make soccer the phenomenon that it is everywhere except the US. And as they build this much needed momentum, Kai and I have been taking advantage of the fabulous ticket prices each season. It's such a great opportunity - one that is certainly not an option in the home countries of these teams.

Last summer we sat in the Argentina section at a match, 12th row from corner. We experienced the most energy I've ever seen at a stadium event. These fans traveled from Argentina to NYC in full gear to see their team - including costumes, body paint, horns, drums, flags, house sized banners. You name it, if it was blue & white and made noise - they brought it and it was amazing! It gave me a new perspective of the meaning of "fan".

This July we'll be seeing AC Milan v Chelsea - woohoo! These are two of Kai's favorite teams so I'm so excited for him. I'm a Barcelona fan, but one of the best ex-Barce is now on AC - so I'm a bit on the edge of my seat myself.
The best part is that we're headed to Baltimore for the match. We'll have all day Friday to stroll around, match in the pm and then head out the next morning to DC to spend the rest of the weekend with Kai's family. I love DC! Kai's family is amazing and we always have such a wonderful time. Whether you're a local or a tourist, there is a ridiculous amount of things to do in DC and it's such a beautiful city.

Okay, time to re-heat the ham. Tonight is the last night. yay.

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