Monday, April 13, 2009

Ham Anyone?

We order our groceries through an online service, so when selecting our ham for Easter dinner it was a matter of clicking a box. There was no touch & feel business happening. And voila...a 15 lb ham arrived a few hours later. This was last weekend. The ham has been staring back at me everytime I open the refrigerator door as if, "so now what"?

So off to the internets I went, searching for a recipe and to inquire what one does with 15 lbs of pork when there are only two of us in the house. When Google doesn't suffice, call g-ma. Bingo. Her advice even included baked beans! After many cloves, pineapples, cherries and the almighty strength of the toothpick, a lovely dinner was served. mmmm....sooo good

Kai is the cook in the family (I'm the baker) but he was a bit under the weather and I decided it's about time I learn how to cook a proper ham. It all came quickly too as I was getting ready for the 8:30am church service when Kai emerged from the bedroom with nothing more than a whisper and a whole lotta sniffles. My casual attire went back on, along with an apron and cooking was in session. (Kai took a big dose of Tussin and returned to bed with a request for a 2pm wake up call).

The entire condo smelled like ham & baked beans by 2pm. Mission accomplished. Thank you Gram! xo

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