Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Our internet got the fuzzy end of the lollipop last night during some serious lightning - making this post very boring, but to the point.

We received the I-171H, aka...the document that stands between us and The Waitlist. We are so very happy!

I didn't know until yesterday how much the internet is a lifeline to both of us. Because Kai is a computer genius (and I'm not just saying that b/c he's my husband), we have a temporary little thing rigged in here that allows me to get this message out. Unfortunately, it also means I have no more reasons for not completing the colossal to-do list staring me in the face.

So, with the arrival of the infamous I-171H came one more visit to the notary. That was completed after work this evening with the authentication process kicking in tomorrow morning. I will be back at the NY County Clerk's office with document in hand awaiting their stamp of approval, followed by a quick cab ride over to the NY Secretary of State where I will once again wait in their line for the official seal.

This will ensure I can get the authenicated document out tomorrow by FedX, arriving on our caseworkers desk for review first thing Monday morning. They are closed Friday for the holiday.

Happy Fireworks to All!


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  1. Yippee!!!! So close now! Should be a great holiday weekend for you guys. Enjoy!