Thursday, July 23, 2009

World Football Challenge

Today will be a fun day. I mentioned previously that we are big (B-I-G) football/soccer fans. When we were about a month into the adoption process we heard rumors of The World Football Challenge coming to town - (well, to six lucky towns across the U.S.). The teams: Inter-Milan, AC Milan, Chelsea and Club America were also rumored to be bringing their first-team guys to play. (fyi to the non-soccer fans - that's monumental)

After being advised by multiple reliable sources to do everything adult-friendly possible during Wait List phase to a) pass the time and to b) take our minds off the entire process while we have adult-only time remaining in our lives...we are doing just that! So, as an anniversary gift to each other, we snapped up amazing seats to the game closest to NYC, booked a hotel and took a vacation day from work.

So, this morning we are headed to Inner Harbor Baltimore to see Kai's favorite team (Chelsea) and an ex-Barcelona (my team) player, Ronaldinho. Hopefully we'll have some time to grab some crabs and check out a bit of the area before heading to the game (8pm, I think).

Our soccer-loving twin nephews caught the game in Atlanta on Wedesday and are still talking about it. For the past three years, Kai & I have been buying them jersey/short sets from their favorite players in the Euro leagues, so they were well armed on the wardrobe front for their game. It also took their mom two days to get them out of the little uniforms after the game. Their excitement has now spread to our house!

Tomorrow morning we head to DC where we'll spend the remainder of the weekend with Kai's family. Yes, a very good time is in our very near future.

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