Saturday, October 10, 2009

Month 3 on the Wait List

Yes, more numbers. Unfortunately, I think all posts from now until travel time will include some form of a count down.

And today's number children, is the number three. We were officially placed on the Wait List three months ago today, on 7/10/09. I say officially because it was documented on paper with our agency on that day.

All this recent bumping up to the next place in line is UNofficial because it has nothing to do with our agency's wait list records. The unofficial numbers are all calculcated by us, the blogging adoption world. And this great database is maintained by an amazing woman who maintains the FBI (Forensic Blogging Initiative); all for the sole purpose of our need to know what everyone else is doing, what position we're currently holding and how we're each handling our current status. It is a wonderful thing!

Tam recently referred to us as The Gladney Girls, which I personally think should stick. Gladney is our agency and we're all following every move the other one makes. Of course there are families without blogs because they want to remain a bit more private. How dare they! (just kidding)

So for the rest of the Gladney Girls letting it all hang out and spilling every neuroses to the world wide web, I tip my hat to you and thank you for making the first three months of our wait that much more bearable.


  1. Rock on Gladney Girls!!! It's an awesome sisterhood. And, I'm all about you at least getting the basics started. We were going to wait until the referral and hello ... surprise. I would love to compare nursery ideas. Or what I mean to say if you'd like to consult with me to help me out that would be awesome!!!

  2. Congrats on 3 months down! WHOO HOO!! Thank goodness for the Gladney Girls! :)

  3. Gladney Girls Rock! And congrats on three months down!!!