Thursday, October 22, 2009

We are now #8...hmmm

Unofficially. (I must always state that)

Becoming number eight seemed a bit different somehow. I didn't yell to Kai immediately as I opened up the list at 6am, as I do every morning (and then open it as soon as I get to work and click refresh throughout the day). I think this is my obsession until travel date.

Anyway, something was different. I think I'm entering whatever stage follows the 'everything is bliss and I can be as naive as I wanna be' stage. My first thought was for a woman I've never met and who lives a world away from us. In that world, she is experiencing great hardship right now with drought and famine. She is also nearing a decision that will result in separation from her newborn son.

So, as I sit here geniunely pleased to be this much closer to forming our new family, these now become bittersweet steps we're taking. Because with each one we make, someone else is a step closer to losing a part of their family.

Well, now this has become a complete downer of a post which was not my intention at all. The next post will be about strollers, much lighter.

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  1. Yep, sounds like you have reached the OMG this is real stage, complete with the reality of what has to happen on the other end. The fact that you have that perspective makes you very cool indeed.