Saturday, August 7, 2010


Hello everyone. I just received a message from Tamara. She wanted me to satisfy everyone's curiosity with an update. They officailly have His passport and visa in hand and are ready to head home on Tuesday. He is everything they thought he would be, and more, much, much more!!!!! He is crawling now and pulling himself up at the kitchen table. Tamara said they can tell he is really sensing his freedom and space, and exploring it ALL, FULL SPEED!!!!!

They toured the government orphanages yesterday. It was very emotional and sad for their group to witness such need coming from these tiny babies. The group gathered bottles, diapers, etc. and began feeding, holding, rocking, and talking to the helpless little ones.

They are very sleep deprived right now.....I tried to tell her!!!!!! Tamara and Kai are relishing in the moment and thoroughly enjoying every single second of parenthood. They will be home early next week....and I for one, can't wait....I have waited for YEARS for my sister to become a mother and the moment is finally here....

I will post more as I receive phone calls, messages, and emails....Take care everyone!!!


  1. Relief...finally! I was so nervous, but now am thrilled to hear the great news! I bet they can't wait to get on that plane. I can't wait to meet THE Niko Gittens.


  2. Thank you for posting an update!!! Sending love to Tam, Kai and Niko!!! Can't wait to hear they are all home!