Thursday, August 5, 2010


Niko and the muscle of his 22lb self (not too shabby for a 9 month old) has completely overpowered, conquered and planted his flag in what were previously two fully functioning adults.

We decided to take placement within a few hours of landing, which was Tuesday afternoon. Some suggested we wait a day to at least put a dent in our jetlag but we were too excited and agreed to same day placement. (I now lightly suggest what the others suggested to us!) Niko arrived sound asleep with us waiting in the driveway with the other (AMAZING) families who are also staying at the guesthouse, all armed with videos & cameras. He was trying to take in the new surroundings when things became a bit overwhelming for him and the tears appeared. We spent the rest of the evening in our room walking him, playing, talking, holding but nothing really helped take the fear away that still showed in his face. It was the worst feeling. He just looked so helpless and so very scared. He finally fell asleep in our arms with his bottle and continued hourly cries throughout the night.

And the middle of the chaos he woke up and was ready to ROLL!!! He was smiling and ready to play! Of course we obliged :)

Yesterday, we were all pretty out of it but things are moving in a much more positive direction. After our coffee ceremony where we met Niko's Special Mother, we all came home and took an hour nap together and later had our first bath, which went well. He's now getting wound up again (he's in FULL discovery mode) so I'm going to run but will post more later.

I'll try to do quick updates with full trip details when we return.


  1. Cant wait to see pics of you and Niko together!!

  2. How crazy! You're parents! You have him now FOREVER! Congratulations! I'm curious to see what other families choose to do between taking placement shortly after arriving or waiting a bit to get their feet on the ground... thanks for your insights!

  3. I have been "stalking" your blog for several months and have so enjoyed watching your journey unfold! As the mother of 4 bio kids with hopes to begin an Ethiopian adoption in a few months, your words, tips, struggles, and victories have been so inspiring! I have been praying for you this week and will continue to do so knowing that these tough days will soon be a distant memory as your life will revolve around this beautiful boy! Press On!
    Many Blessings, Jenn B

  4. this give me chills. just reliving those very first moments. so beautiful.

  5. hey, your 9 month old is heavier than my 12 month old! No fair!

    It's really great to read this. Hooray for finally being together!!!