Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Pair of Jacks

Wow, a lot has happened over the past week.

Since last Thursday's blog:
  • Fri - Sun: headed to PA to meet up with The Mother and assist in moving/packing/cleaning up at my grandfather's townhouse, now that he's moved into an assisted living apartment. (a sad milestone, but we're all so fortunate to have a 90 year old grandfather with 100% of his wits in tact)

  • Sun: off to NJ to spend the afternoon & dinner with my adorable little nephew (what 3 year old knows the difference between a square and an octagon??? and am I spelling it correctly? maybe I should ask Jack) Jack btw is named after our grandfather who I was visiting earlier.

  • Sun pm: back to the condo to catch the Grammys with the lovely Mr. Kai

  • Mon: finished a batch of custom onesies for a client & got them shipped; official copies of my birth certificate arrived...woohoo!

  • Tues: Michael-The-Traveling-Notary meets me at the doc & allows me to check off one big step on my list. YAY! I also got my first of two Hepatitis A vaccines for traveling (this makes it seem a little more official...yay again!) I'll get the second one in six months along with a tetanus shot.

  • Tues - Thurs: I have cooties. I've been on the couch since Tuesday evening and not liking it at all. The flu has struck. The worst part is the view of agency paperwork I can see from the couch that is just going to have to wait a day longer.

  • Thurs: I made it to the office this morning for a few hours. The official copies of our marriage certificate were waiting on my desk....another woohoo! AND THEN...later this afternoon, the UPS man handed me Kai's official copies of his birth certificate....yes, another bigger wooohooo!

This means the light at the end of Tunnel #1 is only a few days away. That day will be Wed., 1/18 when Michael-The-Traveling-Notary meets Kai at the doctor to put his official stamp on Kai's records.

There are many more steps to go, but I look at this one as the most significant as it feels like we've been in one long line at the DMV for the past three weeks. Future steps consist primarily of mailing in a doc, paying a fee & waiting.

Mood right now: very pleased

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