Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Little Argyle Sweater...

I'm drinking my piping hot cup of coffee this morning and still thinking about the tapas we had last night...Y.U.M. The owner is an Argentinian artist & chef. His artwork hangs around the restaurant and everything has a Spanish influence, hence the tapas menu.

So, our fingerprints have officially arrived in Clarksburg, WV to be reviewed & dissected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A lot of these details will end up just being posted in our "Timeline" section at the bottom right of the blog. The paperwork gets a bit monotonous and not that exciting to write about so we'll just be dumping it into the Timeline list.

Now for something fun to write about...
I had to buy SOMETHING and this is what I got. A "little-man sweater". Some of you may not be aware of this, but Kai is a fashion plate. Most of you are thinking "jeans, a tee & a chain wallet?" What most of you don't see are his work ensembles. The number of designer tags hanging in his closet trumps mine anyday. And he knows how to style a pretty good look too.

So in the midst of agency paperwork and realizing how long this process is going to be, I wanted to purchase one item just to hang in the closet to make things feel a bit more real. This is what I chose. It's kind of a mini-Kai look.

So, that little argyle sweater opened up the floodgates. Calls from both The Mother and my sister went like this..."Oh, we can buy stuff? GREAT!" Within a week, I had to clear out the closet in the office and buy two shelving units for the floor area of the closet for the boxes of goodies we received. (I am certainly not complaining). This helps tremendously!

Another 'must-post' item is this bathrobe. A bathrobe! For an 18 month old! This is so crazy and so cute at the same time...

We tend to lean toward the minimal side of things, not liking a lot of "stuff". Based on what this closet currently looks like, I think the only thing we'll ever need to purchase are diapers, food & school. It looks like we're pretty set with the "stuff". THANK YOU!

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