Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trapper Keeper 101

Our dining room table has become our life size Trapper Keeper.

I won't bore everyone with the details but if you're reading this as a prospective adoptive parent, feel free to contact me when it's time to sort your paperwork. I have tips that will make your lives a whole lot easier.

We were introduced to our caseworker this past week (the agency rep handling all U.S. based paperwork) and she is FABULOUS! Her simple tip on how to sort the 100+ pages into four groups has already made our next step move smoother. It's so important to be on top of anything that IS in your control, because so much of this process isn't.

A great weekend was had by all - English soccer yesterday, paperwork organized, tried a new Cuban restaurant in the West Village last night and then Barcelona played today (go Messi!!!).
For anyone who is not aware, Kai has been blogging about soccer for awhile now. His niche is blogging about the world's game from the viewpoint of an American. He's got some great stuff going on...

next up: bloodwork @ 9am tomorrow to complete my medical file; Kai begins his medical workup on Tuesday

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