Saturday, May 9, 2009


I like it.

Another stray also made it into the mini-makeover this afternoon. While the 2nd coat on the misfit dresser was drying, I was searching for something else I could get my hands on to use up the remaining paint I had sitting in the roller bin. We now have a blue 6' horizontal shoe container slash plant holder slash umbrella stand on our landing. That may take a minute to grow on me, but Kai is very pleased with it.

Switching gears, it was a fun week at work last week. I got a cool shot with Oderous (lead singer of GWAR) during his photo shoot for Revolver Mag. This pix is from my blackberry, but the photog is emailing me a better shot next week from his stash.
Gotta love a job that comes with monsters!

Marissa, Oderous, Moi

Jason Aldean also came in (he's ALWAYS amazing) as did Evan Dando (Lemonheads). The new Lemonheads CD is released on 6/23 at which time I can stream the Dirty Robots track he did with Kate Moss. I doubt I'll post it here, but it will definitely be on my fashion blog, Twisted Knickers. I'm told by Evan's label that he'll be giving a quote for the post. Very exciting news.

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