Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Misfit Dresser

It's here folks. We're less than 72 hours away from our first in-home interview and home study review.

I'm currently on a lunch break and I must say, very satisfied with our progress so far. Preparations went a little askew this morning when I woke up staring blankly at a dresser that has been sitting in our bedroom for quite some time with zero purpose and an equal amount of appeal. It is a hand-me-down we accepted purely for function, while we continue our search for the right piece to add to our bedroom.

So as I stared at it yet again, I decided today is the day we make it our own. Off to the hardware store I went to purchase a good primer that will coat melamine without having to pull out my sander. Ta-dah...

It's been drying all morning and anxiously awaiting the fabulous deep blue Moroccan-inspired shade I've created by mixing some old colors leftover in our storage room. I think the handles will be black.

Tuna sandwich is done. Kai's cleaning up his office. Off I go to spruce up the dining room and get cracking on this dresser. I'll post a pix later if I get it done today.

Happy Saturday to all and wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day Eve!

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