Sunday, May 17, 2009

Festivals, Fashion & Elmo

I think yesterday was the first day in awhile that we didn't have any commitments and were able to make the day our own. It started out with a great surprise when we turned the block (on our way to notarize a few final docs) to find it was Celebrate Jersey City day. I remember seeing signs for this, but have been so busy that it slipped my mind. There were booths, food, merch, two live stages and tons of people in full action at 11am. We even heard our governor and mayor speak. Well, Governor Corzine spoke while Mayor Healy sang.

Following our visit with the notary at the bank, we dropped off our folder at the condo and were off. We hopped on the shuttle for the 9th Ave International Food Festival for lunch (a slab of pork and some Thai food) and then headed to the Met for the Model as Muse exhibit. This is a fabulous exhibit featuring the history of the supermodel since 1947 and the designers who adored them. I guess 'fabulous' is a relative term. (I now have to see Star Trek) I loved it and picked up an equally fabulous book, AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion.

We also checked out the Ethiopia exhibit in the Africa/Oceanic wing (much under construction) and came across the oddest thing on the way. It was simply called "Postcards". Thinking it was something world-travel related, we deemed it a 'must see'.

It was the oddest and most intriguing exhibit. The source of this was a man who collected, organized and displayed over 11,000 postcards throughout his lifetime - all from small towns across the U.S. I spent the first five minutes, wondering why we were there and how is Kai possibly finding this interesting? Shortly after that we were doing the quiet/loudly "psst" to each other at every odd find. It ended being quite a topic of conversation and an exhibit I'm obviously still talking about. Those are the good ones.

And we saw Elmo on the way home.

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