Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Booo Chase. Yay WaMu!

I've never been a fan of Chase bank and they have really solidified that opinion since coming into my world by taking over my beloved Washington Mutual. I could go on forever but I'll stick to what pertains to the adoption story.

On my lunch hour, I ran out to get a money order for one of our payments (personal checks are not widely accepted during the process). The Chase bank on 14th Street & 5th Avenue in Manhattan had ONE TELLER WORKING DURING LUNCH HOUR. For those of you not familiar with NYC, this is a major intersection. The line wrapped like one at Disneyworld. So I wait. and wait. Upon reaching the teller, she informed me only Chase customers can get money orders. WaMu customers are not yet considered customers. (keep in mind, I've already had the nice perks of WaMu taken away since Chase has taken over but apparently don't qualify for their services yet)

Okay, next...Kai pops into a WaMu branch near his office at lunch for them to notarize a letter on their letterhead that states we have accounts with them and are currently customers of their bank. No deal. They "can't" put anything on their letterhead or notarize such a letter since they are now a division of Chase. We call our agency stating we're having difficulty obtaining this letter. They've NEVER heard of such a thing. Thanks Chase!

Enter the lovely-always-putting-the-customer first-WaMu...

I went to our local WaMu branch last weekend to work on this bank letter again and plead for someone to assist in putting this on letterhead, etc. No problem - they did it within a matter of minutes. Their notary was not in on Saturday. There was no hesitation...the Branch Manager, Mr. Donald Meza, walked two blocks with me to H&R Block to sit and meet with the notary.

Thank you Mr. Meza!!!! This is how we've been treated from day one as WaMu customers. We will shed a big fat tear when Chase fully takes over this branch :(

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