Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FedEx Picked Up our Paperwork Today...

FedX waiting for Tam to bring out the files.

The word of the day is rhapsodic, as in "We are wildly rhapsodic knowing our epic life story now has a tracking number."

YES! It's out of our hands. *doing cartwheels in head* Do you know what this means? Let me fill you in...It means, that those five remaining line items at the bottom of our blog are about to be three little lines. *more cartwheels*

I humbly say, I am a talented multi-tasker which means our dossier (Paperchase Pt Deux) is also ready to be buttoned up. Like most adoptive parents, we've been working on the dossier from day one. There is such a rush when you begin this process. From the first day we selected our agency, I felt we crossed a milemarker. I love checking things off a list, don't you? It's especially satisfying when you're keeping the reality that you're on an 18 month journey (that you have very little control over) tucked far in the back of your mind. It makes every checkmark count. And today was a monumental checkmark in our journey.

A little side note of good fortune for Kai...due to our need to unearth every detail of every move, the District of Columbia is now in the process of correctly listing him as a "male" vs the "female" status he has held for the past 38 years.

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