Friday, March 6, 2009

The Gittens' family has FBI approval

That's right ladies & gentlemen, we have official FBI clearance. I received the letters at work yesterday and IM'd Kai immediately. What a flavorful baby/lifebook this is going to be! Not many kids have their parents' fingerprint cards stamped by the FBI in their books with a big red stamp stating "No Arrest Record".

In other news, it's Friday. Y.A.Y.
We're having a Jack-a-thon bonanza beginning this evening and running through early Sunday. Penquins, sea lions & polar bears are included in the fun with a picnic lunch in Central Park. 59 degrees tomorrow!

Okay, lunch break is over. I just did my numbers for the High Atlas water project I'm working on and things look great. I should be getting the merchandise early next week. My merch bags arrive today and the tags are already done. Happy Friday to all :)

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