Sunday, December 13, 2009

#3 and Pooped

This will probably be the worst post ever, but stick with me...

We are beyond exhausted that we're purely punchy and silly at this point.

Friday afternoon at work we found out we're unofficially #3. Saturday by 6am we were up and organizing. The ZipCar was in motion by 10am - one stop in the city to pick up nursery supplies; next stop was Long Island for crib, changing table and many, many more supplies. Our thanks to Lynn cannot be put into words. (you are the best!)

Today was spent putting the whole lot together - fun with drilling, jigsawing, hammering and wiring was had by all.

Macaroni & cheese and fresh spinach (our favorite) is cooking right now with Tivo about to be enjoyed, if we stay awake that long.

We have a nursery! Wow.


  1. yay! and soon you will meet your little one. love ya!!!

  2. Can't wait to see pics! Congrats on getting it done!! Closer and closer!!

  3. yes, pictures to come once painting is completed. long story, but we couldn't paint first. a bit backwards, i know. hoping to complete by the weekend. stay tuned...

  4. Hooray, a nursery! Yes, pictures pretty please!!!

  5. So great! We are up the list a tad from you, waiting for a baby girl...we're anxious for that phone call any day!! Love your ideas for a nursery. I'm right with you, about to dive into the nursery, but not too crazy. I don't want to get it all done and have nothing to do while we wait to travel!