Wednesday, December 9, 2009

#4!!!! and....Month 5

Today was a big day in the Gittens' home. Not too long ago we were #15 on the unofficial wait list, moving at an expected pace straight through #8. It was at #8 we picked up some silly momentum that bustled us straight through to #5 with heads-a-spinning. Well, since then we've been a bit stagnant. Stagnant is an expected yet "ech" state.

Today we are unofficially #4...*cheering*

Also, the other big date which I must mention today because it's doubtful I'll have a minute to blog tomorrow, is that 12/10/09 marks our 5th month on the wait list. There is nothing unofficial about that number. It's fact!

The current average wait time for an infant referral is 7 months, which has steadily decreased. Only 5 months ago when we were put on wait list, the average wait was 9 months. I'm not speculating here, just stating what's going on.

In any event, I think we're in good shape. We're not yet viewing this with a skewed view, thinking it's right around the corner. We are however, picking up the crib this weekend and plowing forward with our room swaps to prepare a proper room for the little guy. It will give us such piece of mind when the room is completed. When baby items start arriving at your house for the baby you know is coming, yet you have no room for said baby, it's just not good!

We'll be 'good' at the end of this weekend.

And the icing on the cake? Our twin nephews (7 yrs old) are making their annual holiday trek up from Atlanta and will be the first to see (and assist with) the new layout. The opinions, questions and statements made of a seven year old are the most honest, intelligent and raw you'll ever get. They're much more insightful than one would think. It's worth listening to.


  1. I have no idea how to put this, um.. Something along the lines of, "I've been blog-stalking you for awhile now and I'm so excited for you guys!" Yeah, something like that. :) We are unofficially #8 and I really enjoy your blog. I always tell my husband that I'll start getting anxious once "We Heart Ethiopia" gets their referral. Congrats to your #4 status!

  2. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I love that this blogging community is so full of people who understand this process and are ready to offer kind words.

  3. Ms Buster - You're not that far behind us!!!

    Thank you Joanna for your support! It's funny how we all begin experiencing such life-moments with families we've never met; all b/c of this crazy list! Don't you love it?
    I couldn't get on your blog, but would love to follow along.

    Lisa - The Gladney Girls are here for you!

  4. We have it private but would love to share with fellow Gladney families! If you email me (, I can send you an invitation. For some reason I feel the need to add that Lovin is my last name - I guess we should have thought about how our email address would look to people that don't know us! :)

  5. Holy you know what! You are getting so close!!! I think I am going to be in the city Dec 22. If you are around let's get together for a little Christmas cheer! Luv u! Heidi