Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nursery Ideas

The adoption packet does not come with a timeline of when to start thinking about a nursery. I think we all just follow the other's lead on this one. Cross your fingers that you have a proactive mom-to-be in your newfound sisterhood of the adoptive bloggers! It's not uncommon to receive your referral and have nothing prepared.

It's also something you don't want to rush; seeming over anxious or the horrible feeling of jinxing something. Ours is more of a practical decision at this point. Referrals are flying around like crazy right now. We have family coming in for Christmas. We live in a condo where maximizing the use of space is crucial. So, our plan is to begin the nursery this weekend with a 12/26 eta for completion. "Completion" really means = enough floor space cleared away to throw down an air mattress. (our twin nephews are coming in and want to assist with the final touches)

I'm staying away from a themed nursery and am leaning in the direction of color & pattern. Mixing colors that will stimulate his mind, yet hopefully not keep him awake! Bold patterns to grab his attention will be used in the fabrics. I have an idea of the outcome in my head, but that's never the end result. The little surprises along the way usually work in your favor, changing the final style to one even better than imagined. Here's to hoping that's the case!!!

Our starting point is the black & white bedding and then throwing in some bold patterned fabrics I've picked up along the way. I also saw this great fixture for the ceiling that includes different sized balls in contrasting color and texture. This is perfect for a ceiling focal point for him while in the crib or playing on the floor. I'm definitely looking into recreating this in some way.

In case anyone else needs some inspiration, there are some great bits here...
DesignDazzle and ApartmentTherapy

So many things can be recreated to fit within your own style. Sometimes the hardest bit is the starting point.


  1. Starting to figure out the nursery has been really hard for me. I am also trying to pick a focal point and then just go from there. I'm with you in that the timeline is kinda hard. Part of me feels like I should wait to get the referral but then I am afraid I would feel rushed. Looking forward to seeing your pictures of the finished product!!

  2. Ooo, fun! Love the plan and I'm sure it will turn out great!!

  3. i am digging on that rustic platform bed situation. i think you are highlighting the things hanging from the wall. dude, all i have to say is yellow jenny lind crib featured somewhere at the ohdeedo apt. therapy place. so awesome. wish i would have started that project a long time ago. but it's all good ... i can't wait until her nursery is done and we can do the reveal.

    big smooches!!!