Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Blizzard & The Nursery

First, the blizzard of '09...
In Kai's hometown, a.k.a. our nation's capital, there was an impromptu community snowball fight. How absolutely amazing is that? A clip from the news...
A snowball fight took over the intersection of 14th and U Streets during a snow storm in Washington, Saturday, Dec. 19, 2009. The event was organized by a Twitter group calling for people to gather and participate and more than 200 people showed up.

A shot from NYC...

And while all of that business was going on, a nursery was being wrapped up. A few things still linger, like the storage cubes/bench which is near completion and next month we'll have the little bookshelf. The twin nephews are arriving on Saturday, armed with loads of artwork for the walls. In a nutshell, we are there.

I used this rocking chair when I was a little girl and repainted it this morning for Niko. Kai had to restrain me from painting a big "N" on the seat with black polka dots. I think that really would have added some P-zazz. However, it's not my chair anymore so I compromised and went with the minimalist look.

The wing chair below is an easy-peezy trick. I've had the hardest time finding a rocker that we liked. They're all a bit cheesy. This is a simple wing-chair from our local market. I found a "rocking chair adaptor" that is sold online and in most big hardware stores that anyone can do. If you're unsure, you can YouTube it and see it done. That being said, this is soon to be a rocker/swivel.

This is the blank wall awaiting the magic touch of the twins' artwork. Current pieces include a few things from Barcelona and a gift from a local NYC painter of The NY Dolls.

The crib. This crib is beyond beautiful. It was a very generous gift from our friend, Lynn. It's perfect (almost).

The "(almost) perfect" part is the fact it doesn't matter what colors, brands, fabrics, toys and so on are in this room. The little person it's furnished for is not here! Once that happens, it will be perfect.


  1. Tam, that is absolutely gorgeous! Love it, love it, love it. Any chance you have time to swing by Ohio to help out with our boys' room?

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  3. LOVE IT!!! You should post it on We finished painting today and it's, well ... very peary green. We haven't gotten the art work up yet so ... we'll see. I may need to venture out to the paint store with my friend, Trisha, who has a background in interior design. So I'm not going to post pics yet.
    Love the pics of the snow. All of my friends from D.C. are having a crazy fun time. Love that you used your old chair and will definitely have to pass on your tip to my sister.


  4. Oh...snow. And what a chic nursery! Thanks for the tip about the rocker/swivel chair. I had no idea that was possible to diy! Yay!

  5. The nursery looks AMAZING! Seriously. I especially love the rocker/swivel. Hoping we get news soon of the little guy that will take up residence in that beautiful crib!!

  6. Beautiful!! What a perfect start...can't wait for the perfect finish with your little man!! And thanks for the rocker tip. I might have to do that myself!