Saturday, January 23, 2010

Things are Picking Up

Three referrals! Yes, while I was typing away and snivelling about nothing happening, turns out things were moving quite rapidly behind the scenes.

Congratulations to this family, this one and also this one (the Bottomlys haven't blogged it, but mentioned on Facebook).

We've been #3 since Dec 13th and because all above mentioned referrals were for girls, we remain at #3. And with the wonderful news coming through for these families comes hope for those of us still waiting. Here's to the movement picking up Monday morning exactly where it left off on Friday! hmmmm...that's the sweet side of it, as it's seen through my ever-fabulous rose colored glasses.

The bitter side of this scenario, aka the very real side, brings me off my blissful cloud of LaLa'ness to acknowledge the difficult decisions, trials and perils facing our son's Ethiopian family right now. I hope one day we're able to know the circumstances. There are many reasons why children are available for adoption; none of them being a pleasant story. I really don't know what I hope for. I just know there are a lot of hurting parties right now a world away, including our little guy and I hope there is enough information for all involved that may somehow soothe the pain just a little bit.

It's easier, and certainly more fun, to focus on the big countdown in getting to the #1 position for a referral. However, it's reality that the closer we get - the more someone else very far away is hurting. That can never be ignored. Bitter.Sweet.

I'm feeling mushy right now and so happy to have this great blog community. I can log off this downer of a post I just wrote and jump over to someone else's blog who is in a completely different place and hopefully get a big LOL pick-me-up. Which is exactly what I'm doing...


  1. things are getting close, and you are right that it brings up so many emotions! hang in there!

  2. That part of it gets harder as we get closer, don't you think?

  3. Was so happy to see some movement at the end of the week. I have to think some boy referrals have to start rolling in. But you are right that it is such an odd mix of emotions. I think of that more and more the closer we get.