Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 and such...

flowers from Nana-Banana (the perfect centerpiece)
Our holidays were an absolute whirlwind, leading to the demise of blog updates. There is so much to report that it's a bit overwhelming. A quick fix? Create a list and add pictures!

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? I've selected one highlight from our holiday (the twin nephews' NYC extravaganza) and have sprinkled a few of those images throughout the list.

Did you know you can buy a $27,000.00 Lego'd Batman? Yup.

ice skating, Jack/Theo, The Squeakquel

lighting a candle for Niko @ St Patrick's, NYE, Dylan's Candy Bar

2009 Events (in no particular order)

10. New words of 2009 according to New Oxford American Dictionary: unfriend and tweet

9. Michael Jackson dies

8. Our nephew, Theodore, is born

7. The Nook, The Kindle and The Sony Reader arrive

6. Thanksgiving in Barcelona with family

5. Tavern on the Green closes

4. America inaugurates its first African-American president

3. Sister gets married

2. Meeting the most amazing women (now lifelong friends) through the world of adoption blogs

1. We are put on the wait list for our son, Niko

Wishing all the best to our family and friends for the new year. A special thought is being sent to our new blog-world families. Sending positive vibes to you all for a peaceful and speedy wait in bringing your families together in 2010. We thank you all for the amazing support during our journey thus far and have high hopes of meeting you all in person one day!

NYE, Uncle Scott's BB game, feeding Theo

snowman on Central Ave, self portrait on train, St Pat's

A final note to all...I would like to humbly ask you to say a prayer for a stranger tonight. A close friend of our family has entered a crucial stage in cancer treatment. Thank you.


  1. Great pics. Happy New Year, my friend! So glad I know you! Thanks for all your kind words and support and here's to growing our families in 2010!

    P.S. I saw that batman at FAO Schwarz! My favorite, however, is the build your own muppet station!

  2. Is it just me, or does it look a bit like batman has... ummmmm... breasts??? Sorry for lowering the tone!!

    Happy new year!!

  3. Oh my! It does indeed.
    Maybe that's how they justify the high price tag.

  4. Sending good vibes right back to ya!! So happy to have you "met" you in 2009! Thinking of your friend.