Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where are the referrals? Hello...anyone out there?

The last referral (and a big one at that) was on January 4th.

So that means, I have relentlessly been clicking through to the blogs of the two families ahead of us on the waitlist. I am fervently obsessed. It would be easier if I could just ask Gladney to shoot me an email once they contact these families with the news of their children. Or, maybe they could just patch me into the call? I suspect that may raise a "we think she's a lunatic red-flag". We don't want any special notes in our file so we'll keep these thoughts to ourselves (and our blog-friends/family). And to top it all off, the very gracious woman who maintains the unofficial waitlist is on vacation this week! Oh my. That means we are completely dependent on blog updates.

Maybe it's normal once you know you're closing in on the final days/weeks for The Call, but for some reason it's as if all the calm we've experienced since last February has now turned into a big ball of wild restlessness within a matter of days.

I'm sure the holidays were a big factor. When we started this process in 2/09, we booked the Barcelona trip for Thanksgiving - knowing that would be mid-point and break up the wait. GREAT decision. It was a big part of our focus for the month leading up to it, which lead straight into Christmas with loads of family, the New Year holiday and then MLK weekend. That's the weekend we celebrate Christmas with my father in western PA and my grandmother who now lives near him in a nursing home. She and my grandfather were the ones who always hosted the BIG Christmases each year. They're the best Christmas memories ever.

As life changes, so do family and traditions. Our tradition now is for my brother, sister, their spouses and children to all get together for a jam-packed weekend of sled-riding, eating, laughing, football, Golden Globes and lots of catch up with our dad and grandmother. She's an amazing woman and one who has had a significant influence on my life. She and my grandfather are beyond words. BIG XOXO

And now that the holidays are over? Nada. It's all waiting for The Call....tick...tick...tick...tick...tick

Kai got a great shot of us at lunch: from the back...sister (Amanda), G-ma, nephew (Braden), me

nephew (Jack) asking the ladies "Who has a watch?"


  1. Totally laughing at the blog clicking, because I'm doing the same thing to everyone above us EVEN THOUGH none of them are waiting for siblings. Heck, I'm even doing it to people below us. Talk about a lunatic.

    And love that last picture of your nephew in front of all the old ladies!

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  3. Sorry- that last comment was me... Didn't know my hubby was signed in...
    Anyway, I am a lunatic, too! I stalk every blog on the list daily! :) It is definately harder now that the holidays are over and we are back to "normal." Can't wait to see our baby's face! But I hear the waiting gets even harder after that... Adoption is tough! Hang in there! The referrals must be coming soon!

  4. Oh, I'm with you! I've been checking the "FBI" list every day, and nada! I wish I could call Gladney to find out why there haven't more referrals this month, but I figure they might not like that. :)

  5. You took the words right out of my mouth!! I have been a complete crazy person with the FBI lately!! It is so disheartening when it is so quiet. C'mon referrals!!! PLEASE!!

  6. I am new to the wait list and am doing the same thing :) I can only imagine that my problem will get even larger.... Hang in there.

  7. I know, right!!!??? PS. You are one of my favorite bloggers! GOOD JOB! :)