Tuesday, February 9, 2010

7 Months on Wait List

I've been bursting to post this. The reason? This *could* be our last month waiting.

Last month at this time, average wait time for a referral was 7.2 months. It's now 8 months, but we are ever the optimist and just pleased to be in the zone. We acknowledge the naive-happy-la-la-rose-colored-glasses outlook we have right now and are just going with it...full force!

In October we went from #12 to something like #6 within a matter of moments. So why not again, especially when you consider the current lull? And we DO mean lull! It has to pick up at some point.

This also justifies our hourly check-ins with The Schmidts and CocoandKota. See, stalking others' blogs does a lot for the overactive mind.

a) confirmation...that others are also experiencing a lull

b) celebration...squeals and heart-stopping moments when you see the words "The Call" as various families receive their referrals and blog about it

c) enlightening...We're all writing the same story on our blogs. It's enlightening to read how we all express it in so many different ways.

Now, I'm off to make a big pot of hot tea and hunker down as the blizzard closes in. (it's currently 70 degrees in Addis)


  1. I HOPE this is your last month waiting!!! The referrals HAVE to pick up again. This is what I keep repeating to myself at least. :) Crossing my fingers that this is THE month for you guys.

  2. I'm desperate for referral news, and don't even care if it's mine! And if we can't have referrals then I need court dates or something. I'm just craving movement...

  3. You can stalk the Francis Family, too. Especially since we're both New Yorkers. Find me on facebook searching 'billy francis salvation army' and I'll let you know when we recieve our referral. Blessings, Billy Francis

  4. I've gone from anticipating our referral to anticipating ANY referral! I hope it's soon for you guys!

  5. I hope you get your referral soon, too! You are right about the lull. I'm anxious to see some momentum, too.

  6. Anxiously waiting to hear that awesome news from you! Soon, soon, soon!!!