Sunday, February 7, 2010


One of Kai's Valentine's Day gifts arrived early.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I normally distribute my gifts early. I get too excited in the hub-bub and build up to whatever the big day is that we're all awaiting. I've always been like that and most likely will not change at this point.

Niko's first Christmas is going to be interesting. It may be the first time a child tells a parent, "It's 4am, please go back to bed mommy".

So, I found this amazing collection of Amharic tees, coffee mugs, aprons, etc. When I saw the "DAD" tee, I sqealed and whipped out my credit card. Sold. (I know Kai doesn't look very excited in the picture, but he really is).

We girls blog, shop, read and talk about being a mom from day one. We've referred to each other with the ultimate title of "mom" or "mommy" at some point already. Our mothers, sisters and friends have had heart to hearts about what motherhold holds. I wouldn't imagine the average dad-in-waiting encounters the amount of warm & fuzzy "oh boy, we can call you daddy soon" moments as us.

I kind of saw this when Kai opened his present and asked "What does this say?" When I simply said "Dad", I saw the coolest look on Kai's face.


  1. love it! miss you!!! share the link please my dear.

  2. That is fantastic! Please - do tell where you got it!!

  3. oops - yes, the link would help!

    different items show in the search results each time, so be persistent and creative in your search terms.
    "grandma ethiopia" "dad amharic" etc

  4. So sweet! Love cafepress! My mom found some great Ethiopia themed Christmas tree ornaments from there. It is amazing how much stuff is actually out there to buy.

  5. I got the same one for my husband (Carl) for Xmas...He loved it!

  6. oh wow, this is really really cool!