Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hey, Ho...Lets Go!

Gotta love The Ramones.
Okay, The Crazies are knocking and I think I have not only opened the door, but I have welcomed them in with open arms. What is going on? Why is there such a lull? Hellloooooo? I am going absolutely crazy.

It's easy to get wrapped up in your own world, forgetting that people from so many different stages of adoption (and some who are not adopting) are reading your little blog and may not understand the expected pace for each stage of the process. Well, to everyone reading this...we just went a little crazy because we hit a ginormous slow patch...but are slowly regaining a sound mind.

There has been such a silent, chirp-chirp-cricket standstill over the past month. Today marks one month and one day with ZERO referrals on the unofficial wait list. It's brutal. It's frustrating. It can make you paranoid. It makes you anxious, hopeful, sad, mad, and everything in between. And you know what you can do about it? Nada.

So that's when I decided to call our caseworker, aka our saviour, during the "quiet time". She is so positive yet realistic and transparent. We love her and thank her for making The Crazies leave. This is why you research your agency inside and out before committing to them. We are relying on them for the biggest decision our family has ever made or will make. The future of our family is in their hands. They are our voice in a world we don't know. And they are speaking volumes on our behalf, to bring our family together.

I must admit that I'm not someone who is easily won over. We're still in midstream here, but to date I have zero complaints and full respect for everyone at our agency who is working on our behalf. I have hope that things are going to start moving again and am wishing all waiting families a quick and peaceful wait for their referrals, court dates and travel dates.

Let's GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


  1. ahhhhhhhh! i'm going crazy and i'm only into month TWO!
    for two weeks i have been checking blogs daily sometimes, i'll admit, TWICE daily. i just keep thinking there is going to be this huge rash of referrals. and yet, nuthin'. siiiiiiiiiiiigh. no idea how i will survive month 6-9 of the wait. :)
    here's to lots of referrals coming SOON.
    i can't wait to see pics of your baby boy! :)
    deep breath. baby boy is coming. soon.

  2. um yes ....... let's goooooooooooo!!!!
    love ya! still here waiting with you and ready to celebrate! xoxo

  3. Yeah I agree- let's go! I'm going crazy here! We're almost to 8 months- on Friday. Who is your case worker and what was she able to say that was comforting? email me if you can:
    Thanks and hang in there fellow blog stalker!

  4. Seriously! What's going on? I'm glad I'm not the only person who feels as if they are loosing their mind. It just goes to show you that it is truly necessary to have NO expectations in this game. For awhile it seemed as if our referral might come sooner than the average and then just like that . . . 'silence' and the average wait time shot up. This wait is a daily surrender and acceptance of God's perfect timing. Hang in there Tam. I'm right behind you!

  5. I am right there with you, I have opened the door to the crazies too. Funny thing is that I have been down this road and I thought with our second adoption I would have it in total control. NOPE. It's just as difficult, the silence is the hardest... it does, as you said, make "anxious, hopeful, sad, mad, and everything in between" Hang in there, all these emotions are just part of our journey to our family. Soon you will see your baby boys face and we will see our little girls face and all will be right in the world! ;-)

  6. I know I check several times a day to see if anyone has gotten their referral. Your baby boy will be here soon!!!

  7. This just made me laugh out loud and I can't believe I missed it until today! Hang in there, Sweetie. It's coming. I can't wait to see his face too!

  8. Thanks for putting into words the way I've been feeling. I'm so ready for the referrals to start coming again!