Monday, March 15, 2010

A High Class Problem

To my waiting buddies...You're all going to have this problem in your very near future.

Who do you stalk when there is nobody ahead of you?

I don't think this was ever addressed and I didn't realize until this morning that I have nobody to stalk. What is a girl to do???

For the past eight months I've allotted quality blog-stalking time during my morning bagel/coffee, sometimes over lunch and then if lucky, again during the 4pm sugar rush deli run. By habit, I logged onto the FBI list (the unofficial wait list) this morning only to realize...hmmmm. It was like little crickets chirping in my head.

I also realized that there may be more eyes on our blog at this point, as others have taken over my role of clicking refresh throughout the day to see if our referral has come in and therefore bumping their position up one more notch. With that in mind, I will make a wholehearted effort to post more regularly. I know it's much more exciting to see a new post when logging in, even if it's not the one that reads "The Call".

In the meantime, I will be searching for another angle to fixate on while we wait.


  1. gooood luck!!! getting any sleep, that is!

  2. So hilarious!! I totally didn't think about who you stalk once you become number 1. Thanks for the heads up!! :)


  4. Ha ha! That's hilarious. Love the graphic of the the "Chirping Crickets"!

    You're absolutely right...I'm stalking your blog daily!

  5. I've been stalking the people behind me. Yes, I realize it makes no sense.

    Oh, and Heidi for their court date!

  6. You are so right....I guess I'll have to find something that is actually productive to do when we get to the top!

  7. still hanging out with you in the wait. will post eventually ... when i can tear myself away from little Bea. XOXOXOXOXO

  8. You stalk down and side-ways, of course! You might be traveling with some of those people! And don't forget all the people down on the list who are waiting for toddler and older child referrals. Those folks should be getting "the call" any day now!! LOL - as you know, I have had a lot of experience with this stalking business ;-)

  9. Yeah- we've been waiting for almost 5 months for a 4-5 year old boy. I don't think anyone is ahead of us, so I think we've been #1 for this whole time!!!! UGHHHHH.... no one to stalk!! :)