Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Shower!

Kai & I (in front of the fertility statue, hoping it brings speedy news)

My apologies to all for such a delay between posts.
I know I made a point of saying I would post as much as possible and ironically, I think this latest gap is the longest ever.

The shower. hmmmm...where to start?

I'll start by saying we never intended to have one and may be so bold to say we never even wanted one. We passed on a wedding shower, feeling that after being together for so long prior to getting married, we really had everything we needed. You see, I don't like making a list of items and then sending said list to our closest friends and family with a message "please buy all these things for us".

We decided to focus on the low-key side of things and would have a shower but only ask for books - used and/or new. Just books. Okay, this sounds like a plan.

yay! Heidi made it :) ( a shot in front of the fertility statue)

Our friends continued telling us there is a reason people have showers. Even my brother, who would normally opt out of a discussion such as a shower, had a very strong opinion. His comment referenced how babies change the world and alter all sanity. He mentioned how EVERYone loves babies and people will be buying us stuff whether we have a shower or not. The second point is what sunk in. I am a minimalist. His point was that even without a registry, a whole lot of stuff may begin appearing at our house.

And then someone else (a very smart woman who will remain nameless) said, 'That's fine not to have a shower, but if you two already have sippy cups in your house...well that's just weird." ha!

Okay, who are we kidding? We don't have any baby items in our house. Yes, books are wonderful and a necessity, but so are diapers and bottles and blankets and sippies and spoons and wipes and gumpaste and toothpaste and a thermometer and more diapers and on & on & on the list goes of things we do NOT have. We'll post images of some of the fabulous gifts in a later post.

It was better than I could ever imagine! Unfortunately, my dad was unable to attend, but everyone else was there and it was amazing!

The Grandparents...

Glen, Carole, Tony, Jennifer, Maria, Frank

Kai's father (Tony) said a few words (an understatement) based on "choice". It was the most endearing, poignant and heartfelt speech I've experienced. This room of approximately 60+ people - strangers to each other but all connected through our future son - were laughing, smiling, nodding and lastly, drying their eyes together. Had I known this was coming, we would have videotaped it. It was so moving on so many levels. Our friend, a yoga teacher, used the speech as inspiration for her Sunday evening class. Your choices define your character.

Kai & I thank everyone who celebrated with us last weekend and those of you who have supported us from the beginning of our journey. I will never forget the closing words...Just remember, when you go get him...know that you're picking him up for each of us in this room. Our little guy is coming home to a whole lotta love and that's really what it's all about!


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  2. Sounds like a really special gathering of friends. I like all of the reasons you were given to persuade you to have a shower!

  3. and everyone waiting right here. love you. so glad you had such a memorable and very special day celebrating this journey. i can't wait to see his face!

  4. oh, what a lovely event! How wonderful that your little boy is already loved by so many :)

  5. Okay, now I am wiping away tears! It sounds like such an awesome gathering!! And yes I would worry about you if you already had sippy cups. :) XOXOXOXO