Thursday, March 18, 2010


The West's got their referral!!!

Whenever I see "referral" in the title line of a post, I get goosebumps and turn giddy. These are life-changing moments happening with these families and we all get to follow along! How amazing is that?

As referrals and court dates are given, you can sense a little spark of momentum ripple through the waiting community, which is such a renewed and needed energy source.

Keeping it short today, as I'm already running late.
Huge congratulations to Shannon and family!!!!
(it's okay to feel like mush - ha!)


  1. Wow at the TOP of the Waitlist!!!! Your call is COMING!!!! SO EXCITED for you!!!

  2. YAY!! Now we're cooking with GAS! Today may just be the day...buckle your seat belt! :)

  3. Fridays have been notorious for movement, so let's hope today follow suit!

    If you check back here...I've tried commenting on a few of your posts, but when I'm prompted to enter the scrambled word, the box is hidden.
    Could be on my end, but wanted you to know I'm checking in frequently!
    Let's go Friday :)

  4. Thanks Tam! Praying for a movement filled Friday!