Sunday, April 18, 2010

Every Line Means Something

Every line means something Basquiat

After not posting for a week, I have a lot of random thoughts to put to paper that really don't flow as a whole. I thought I would wait until I had a more complete story and then I realized...nothing in this journey flows as a whole so who cares if my post doesn't?

Then I thought, if I slap up a poignant quote for the opener the rest would mysteriously fall into place. My bff, Google, just exhausted 45 minutes of my time as I read through a plethora of life-changing quotes and inspirational thoughts of the notable (and not-so-notable) personalities. In the end, so many are longer versions of Nike's money making Just Do It campaign. That's when I remembered Basquiat's (LOVE!) 'Every line means something'.

How awesome is that statement? We're all artists; each of us creating our life one line at a time. Now this is my interpretation, not his. He was simply responding to the critics who thought he sucked and was only in the spotlight because he was pals with Mr. Warhol. However, as a huge fan, I'm incorporating his comment into a more personal meaning.

So, back to all those random "lines" happening right now that mean something...

  • We received our monthly update from our caseworker on Friday. The in-country team forwards photos and a developmental report each month on the status of your child(ren) from the time you accept a referral to the time you travel. This is both exhilarating and very difficult. I have found myself trying to remain a bit distant as I see these photos, read the updates and realize that what I'm seeing and reading is about our son who lives on the other side of the planet. It's too hard. It's too hard because I don't know when we can see him and hold him. Our hearts are melting and I will become a miserable lunatic if I wake up each day and focus on how many more days, weeks or months are ahead without him. I choose to not think about that part.

  • All updates point in the direction that our little boy is well...NOT so little! Another Gladney mother currently in-country visited Baby N, which we are beyond grateful for. The update was so encouraging and again, tugged away at our emotions. One comment that caught me off-guard in her email and caused a roaring LOL at my desk was..."I was able to hold him and kiss him and hug him and tell him his family will soon be there...that was before my arms went out. He is a big boy." HA!

  • The volcanic cloud from Iceland has delayed the flights of thousands, including this family. They are making their way to Addis via Amsterdam to pick up their (very adorable) little girl who is currently in the same house as Baby N. They have generously offered to carry and personally deliver our first care package to Baby N, so needless to say we are following every minute of their journey. Our thoughts are with them as they navigate through the next few days and make their way to unite with their daughter. All int'l adoption experts tell you to prepare to let go - that everything is soon to be out of your control and on a completely unpredictable timeframe. You never really think volcanic ash is on that list!

  • We still don't know if we're traveling once or twice. The family who received a referral ten days prior to us found out their paperwork was submitted to court last week. If that timeframe is any indication to us, that would mean our paperwork would be submitted to the courts in Ethiopia by the May 9th deadline. This family sent us an email on Saturday that they already received a court date and it's for April 30th!!! They're with a different agency, but it's all positive news to hear how quickly the courts are moving right now. We've already prepared ourselves to travel twice and would LOVE the opportunity to see Baby N sooner (with the two trip rule). There are pros and cons to both sides, as most things go. In any event, we're all getting closer. Whatever stage you're at right now, things are moving and things are being watched. These are very, very good things for both the Ethiopian children and program.


  1. YAY for updates!!! I hope you hear something soon about whether you will have to go once or twice. Thinking of you and baby N. LOVE!!!

  2. Can't wait to meet baby N! It will be an honor!

    And, I also was very ambivalent about updates. Thrilled because she looked so healthy and happy. Sad because she is growing without her mommy and daddy with her. When I look back over all the updates that we have collected, an overwhelming sense of sadness overwhelms me. What a teeny little pea who has grown to a child! And I missed it!

    Oh, well, onward to Addis!!!! Loaded with a special care package for baby N!!!

  3. Yay for updates! Yay for happy healthy big boys! Boo for ash cloud, but yay for speedy court dates!!

    I can't wait to meet your little boy and tell him how wonderful his mom and dad are!!

  4. Oh when I think about your chubby little man my heart goes pitter patter.

    That volcanic ash is totally freaking me out. TOTALLY.

    It's been almost a month since our referral and no update yet. We are supposed to hear anyday and I am anxious, but like you, don't want to care too much. I almost want our baby to stay the exact same so I feel like I am not missing his babyhood. Selfish, and silly.

    This part is so much harder than the wait pre-referral, do you think?

  5. Thanks for the update! I hope our referral comes soon!

    And I'm definitely hoping that you get your court date ASAP!