Sunday, April 11, 2010

So Now What?

Operation Baby N is a go!

We have forces in NY, NJ, DC, GA, PA, CT, NC, TX, MD, CA, AZ, NH, KS, OH, IL, ME, WV, VA, TN and of course on the ground in Addis (and I'm not even referring to the amazing Gladney reps). These are all locations that Baby N either has family, friends or traveling parents who are all playing a role in our final journey to him and his to us.

There are only three (very big) steps remaining in our journey...
1) receive our court date
2) pass court
3) travel to bring Baby N home

The lovely "ifs, ands or buts" will be in charge of these steps, not us. As much as I prefer to control everything along the way, I am passing this off to them and watching from the sidelines. Yes, I am and I'm actually fine with it because Kai and I have done everything in our power to make this as smooth as possible and so has our agency. There's really nothing more we can do except wait to be told when and how many times we will be buying plane tickets.

Many friends have asked what happens when we get home. I'll do a homecoming-specific post for that one, but in the meantime it's definitely worth mentioning.

Unlike what is typically seen on TV upon the arrival of an adopted child, we will not be met with balloons and fanfare. The three of us (*gasp*- LOVE it!) will simply grab a cab from either JFK or Newark and begin hunkering down asap. I imagine pulling an all-nighter with many bottles, books, rocking and loads of Chinese delivery that night. (Did I mention they are also aware and very supportive of Baby N's arrival?) When I tell you our neighbors are excited, I mean ALL neighbors - including local businesses.

Kai and I will be the only ones to feed, bathe and put Baby N to bed for the first two months, which is key to our attachment and bonding. Feeding will be the only thing that changes when we return to work, but the others will remain in effect for at least six months. During the first two months, we will reluctantly be avoiding visitors. He's so darn cute and we want to share him with the world, but we also know we need to do what's right according to him. I can tell you right now that his grandparents will be having none of this and are certain to slip past the Baby N Velvet Rope! and that's exactly why we love them!

To all non-grandparents reading this...we'll be making loads of time for everyone once we all settle in. I see many, many roadtrips in our future, which we're honestly looking forward to. One thing I realized at our shower that is also becoming clearer the closer we get, this little guy has THE biggest instant family and friend network imaginable. How awesome is that?

In other news, we need a new picture! I still can't help getting up at all hours to come look at his perfect little face and chubby cheeks in the middle of the night. We should have a few more pix in the next couple of weeks from other families and from our monthly agency update.


  1. Love it! I am not sure exactly when it happened, but our house is also full of gear. Little by little... after three showers... and then hand-me-downs from girlfriends with preschoolers... it gear has taken over!!! Your to-do list cracked me up! And I was gonna be one of those moms who didn't need all the gear! Oh well... :)

    And your plan sounds quite like our plan. Grandparents and my sister's family are gonna meet us at the airport, give her a kiss (help us get our crap to the car - they don't know this part yet) and then we may see them again in a couple of weeks.

    We plan to be very careful to let Zadie know that we are her mommy and daddy!!! And then we'll start sharing the little piece of love slowly, but surely.

  2. ummmm ... your forgot kansas honey! here's to crossing off the rest of the list ... soon!


  3. OH NOOOOO!!!
    Thanks Rebecca! I forgot a few others as well (and probably still more) but have quickly updated. Sooooo very sorry! You KNOW KS is on our roadtrip list :)

  4. You can stop in OHIO on your way to Kansas!! :) Actually, I totally see us coming to NYC at some point. Did you know I was born there? I lived on the upper west side until I was six years old. :) I hope you get new pictures soon!! XOXOXOXO

  5. This post was so fun to read! Thanks for sharing and here's to a very quick court date and travel for you!

  6. Tam, you better believe you have a whole lot of us pulling to see that court date get checked off!

    Sounds like you've got it all ready to go... just need that little baby boy.

  7. this is soooooooooo EXCITING! :)

  8. We just sat down to scope out our plans for how to do the attachment thing when our Baby Boy comes home, too.

    We live in the same town as in laws and I know it's going to be hard to tell them to stay away for a week or two and not them hold him for several weeks, but I am firm. I hope we can keep it going for four weeks. After that, Andrew goes back to work and I am on my own with 3 kids 4 and under. Um, our little man is probably going to see a few other hands after that. It's not ideal but I am gonna need help. Because I am a stay at home Mama to the hooligans I plan on doing all the feeding and putting to bed, but at some point, the Grandmas are going to strangle me if I don't let them hold him. :)

    I look forward to you guys getting your court date. I am waiting on pins and needles for ours...

  9. Do you know yet if you'll be traveling twice or just once?

  10. Tam- we just got our court date!!! It is SO soon. April 30th! Hope you hear soon.