Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Sweet Sounds of Charlie Brown's Teacher

MWaaaawwwnt MWaaaawwwnt MWaaaawwwnt MWaaaawwwnt MWaaaawwwnt...

These are the sounds in my head.
I hear them when I'm in a meeting, on a call, boarding the train, greeting my neighbors, picking up my dry cleaning - you get the point. I have so many balls in the air right now (as we all do) and I really don't care what I catch and what falls. I want a court date and I want to bring Baby N home. End of story. Anything non-adoption related...ech, whatEVAH.

I admire everyone who has gone down this road ahead of us because I don't recall any whiners; only loads of stoic fellow-bloggers. Well, to be honest, now that we've reached this stage, all I want to do is whine. And not for attention. It's purely because I don't think anyone should be expecting anything of me right now except to wait by my phone for our call that we have a court date, we passed and it's time to travel. HA! Not too much to ask right?

Apparently the world doesn't stop when you're waiting for a court date (or to be on wait list, or to get your referral, or for your travel date, or even for your return home and you begin to hunker down with your new family). You must continue to deal with your daily responsibilities and not lose focus. I AM trying and on most days, consider it a success...then come the moments of fluff in others. I don't like fluff in others. I like strong people who care about others.

A fellow Gladney family was awaiting word today on the outcome of their second court date. On pins and needles all day to find out if they passed, only to hear no news is coming out of Ethiopia today because all phones and internet are down in the region. Court proceeded as normal and issued their decisions; families just won't know these results until tomorrow. They're not complaining. They're waiting patiently for their news.

So, to hear someone in the elevator completely devastated over their iPad or that 3G isn't fast enough .... *enter Charlie Brown's teacher*
This is where I drift off to a land I have yet to visit where our son currently lives with frequent blackouts, poverty, limited resources and where any type of internet is a luxury. I can't focus on anything BUT this and going to get him. Nor can I help but think what's really worth complaining about in life.

I have nothing to complain about.


  1. So true. I've had a lot on my mind this week, adoption-wise, and have caught myself meeting with a few clients and realizing I am not hearing what they are saying, and haven't taken any notes...thankfully catching myself quickly, but still...your intro strikes a chord!

  2. Oh, trust me. I complain! And you have every right to too. This process is crazy making, and it also puts a lot of things into perspective. Also, at least half my brain has been in Ethiopia for a year now and I am not sure how I manage to get ANYTHING done (I was texting Eryn about our court date in the middle of a customer meeting yesterday. I am soooo bad!).

    Some how we just keep on keepin' on, don't we...


  3. true that!

    and ill be praying for your court date. :)

  4. If I weren't at work right now (look at me reading blogs while I should be working) then I would have been screaming out, "ME TOO!", to everything you just said. How I manage to get anything done is a total mystery. The Charlie Brown teacher is the perfect analogy!! Wish I were in NYC and we could go out for a drink after work today. HUGS!!!

  5. Hi! I just came across your blog and have enjoyed reading your referral story! We are in the exact same boat, not so patiently waiting to pass court for our 2 siblings (we are with WHFC). I have seen your name before, "Tam", and every time I see it, I get teary eyed. You will see why if you head to our blog:

    Take care and we wish you the best of luck on your journey. I will be following for good news!!!


  6. It's so true. If it doesn't relate to adoption, my daughter, or Ethiopia I'm probably not thinking about it. Pretty much every waking thought is somehow related to adoption. It's so bad and I'm not sure it's going to get better any time soon!

    Every day I'm hoping to hear news of your court date!