Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Six Days...

...we will know if it's time to begin the end of our journey.

Next Wednesday afternoon, say 4pm'ish, I will most likely be very annoying to be around. I'll either be:

a) yapping non-stop with much excitement about meeting Baby N and how much there is to do even though we've had 18 months to prepare or...
b) Bitter Betsy will rear her ugly head

Wed., 6/30 will be a similar scene at work to many days in the past, with phone glued to hand awaiting that magical "817" to appear with news of our next life changing moment. Isn't it crazy? On Wednesday, Belay (in-country rep) will be notifying our caseworker (in TX) with the results of our first court date. If MOWA issued a favorable opinion on our file, we will leave on 7/8 and begin our journey to Baby N for our second court date (7/14) in Ethiopia. If they issue an unfavorable opinion, our agency will let us know what our next step is and approximate wait time.

Pending Baby N's schedule that day, (HA! isn't it great he has a schedule?) we're anticipating a little one-on-one time with him the day before court. We could actually be sitting in the same room with him in 19 days!!! WHOA! The thought of that gives me goosebumps. I really need to compose myself when I see him or he'll have an image of a squealing crazy lady cemented in his head, only to find out she's his mother. Oh my, that's not good.

For those not familiar...under the previous law when families traveled only once, they were traveling AFTER they had passed court, meaning their children were legally theirs. Baby N will not legally be our child on the first visit which means he will remain in the care center while we're in-country and our visit will be limited.

Because of this new structure, I spoke with our caseworker about taking packages for other families and meeting their children on their behalf. During our wait, we've had the luxury of receiving photos, videos and personal updates of Baby N through the generosity of so many traveling families as they bring home their own children. They've also transported our Ziploc baggies of goodies; delivery little pjs, blankets, photo albums, stuffed animals and even audio of us reading to him.

One mother who delivered a package for us described these updates as 'salve for a waiting mom's heart'. Perfect description. We want to ensure we're passing this along when we travel and were comforted to know that even with limited time in the care centers, we'll be able to make it work. If you are waiting and would like us to take a Ziploc goodie bag to your kiddo, email me the following:

Baby's Name
Which Care Center
Pix of Baby
Your Name & Blog Name
email to: nydshop at gmail dot com

I'll get back to you with my shipping address.

In closing, I'm sending a huge congrats to those families who recently received their referrals! Your feet will not hit the ground for at least two weeks. I'm also sending positive vibes to those awaiting court dates. Hoping the recent movement continues with court and we see more families get through before rainy season.
Thinking of you all...


  1. tam - i am so very very excited for you :) will be praying on the 30th for you.

  2. Best Wishes for the 30th!!! Hopefully we'll have our referral by the time you travel, and I can take you up on your gracious delivery service:) I already have a zip lock bag ready to go (pathetic I know)!!!


  3. i just started commenting and the lap top freaked out. don't know what happened. Just wanted to say i am sooo happy you are counting down. the term bitter betsey cracked me up. i've been working on an ET travel and "best of addis" post for you. when i get out of the hospital i can put it together with pictures. finally.
    also, i was a squealing, crying scary white mama, and Jesse forgave me pretty quickly. so don't worry about it. :)

  4. Thank you for the positive vibes!!!! I wondered if when we traveled the first time if we would still be able to take packages for waiting families. Good to know. I will definitely be sending something your way. The countdown is on for June 30th!!! Can't wait!!

  5. I am cracking up at your comment about your sons first image of you being a squealing crazy lady! That is so going to be me!!! Sending lots of love your way!!!

  6. So exciting, Tam! I'm gonna e-mail you pics of my boys, so you can give them hugs and kisses for us. I may send you care packages for them, too.

    Love and a big hug!

  7. Three days! I am NEVER on my computer anymore but I am still following via my phone (but can't leave comments for some reason, ugh!). So so so so very excited for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much love,
    Heidi, Mark, Dash and Taye