Thursday, June 17, 2010

What Lies Ahead

look at these cheeks!

We're still in a whirlwind since receiving our court date. What a surprise this is! Of course I expected to be excited but never to this extent. I thought our court date call would resemble that of our caseworker holding a little flag and waving us through to the next stage. Oh, it's SO much more! Because of the new two trip law, we are going to MEET HIM in a matter of weeks. WOW!!!

Remember those monthly updates we receive that I mentioned being a little bittersweet recently? Well, we received one yesterday and I think that's what made it all fit so perfectly. Seeing his little tufts of hair coming in and what his new habits are...they're all a part of our very near future - in person. I can't wait!

So, the dirt that everyone wants to know...what lies ahead for two-trip families.

I have no idea if the itinerary we were given is agency-specific or applies to all those operating in Ethiopia. This is simply what we'll be doing over the next few weeks.

We were issued two court dates: 6/30 and 7/14.
  • 6/30: MOWA's date to review our file and hopefully issue a favorable opinion. The lapse in time between 6/30 and 7/14 allows some padding for MOWA to gather any additional paperwork or details, should they require it. This (hopefully) ensures all is in order by the time we travel and appear in court on 7/14.

  • 7/14: Our day to appear in court (IF the above occurs in a timely manner).

  • 7/12-7/19: approx dates in-country for trip #1

  • mid-late August: approx timeframe for trip #2 for U.S. Embassy appt and bring home Baby N

We're advised to hold off on purchasing airline tickets until MOWA gives us the final okay on 6/30. Should they need additional time to review our file, say their opinion doesn't come until 7/5, we would most likely still have our 7/14 court date. However, should they close unexpectedly or simply need more time on our file, we would forfeit our 7/14 court date and await a reissue.

Once our adoption is approved and finalized in the Ethiopian courts, we're anticipating a return to pick up our little boy 3-6 weeks later. During this time his court decree, passport, birth certificate and other required travel & immigration docs will be processed. It is required to have all this in order upon our return for our U.S. Embassy appointment in Ethiopia. That trip will also be approximately seven days in-country, solely focused on bonding with our son.

Beause I am convinced to have been a travel agent in a past life, I will most likely be moving forward with purchasing our tickets once I find the perfect deal. Many times a change fee is more cost effective than a new purchase only days before departure. We'll see.

p.s. Did I mention that 6/30 is my grandfather's birthday? Hoping for good stuff.


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  2. Happy birthday to grandpa and nothing but positive thoughts and energy coming your way from baby n's favorite aunt and nephews!!!!!

  3. 6/30 is my dad's bday. It's a good day for sure! I love the pic and think he has the most perfect lips. Such a cutie! XOXOXO

  4. Yay!!!!! Congratulations!! And, thanks for exlaining.

  5. P.S. If you have room, I would love it if I could send a care package with you! And if you could take some pictures, that would be AMAZING! My email is shancat35 at yahoo dot com. :)

  6. Your blog is the first one I've found with any information about what the 2 trips process looks like. I was wondering if you knew when your papers were officially submitted to the courts? Ours were submitted some time in the past week and I wasn't sure how long it may take to hear something. Thanks!

  7. Holy court date, batgirl! So excited for you! Frankie's birthday is also June 30th (he'll be 10) and I don't know where the time has gone. I can hear you guys jumping up and down for joy! HOORAY!!!


  8. Thanks to all for your comments, minus the initial spam 'comment' :)
    Yes, Shannon - we would love to meet your little guy and take your package! Emailing you.
    Umlaufs - Ours is not an accurate basis for the current paperwork timeframe, as it was submitted twice since our referral (3/20).
    All the best to you and the other families awaiting court dates prior to rainy season. I know last year, many went through who did not expect it. Hoping the same for this year.

  9. STAY AWAY Bitter Betsy!
    Sending ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ thoughts your way and to Ethiopia.