Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Year Home

It's a bit strange to sit down and have the time to write again. This day is monumental in our lives and one that has brought me back to making the time to say something again. A place I used to run to each morning, checking others' updates and posting my own rants & raves that has somehow dwindled over this past year. Yuk for me not making the time.

August 11th, 2010. The day our little man's toes hit U.S. soil. To be a bit mushy for a minute...last year at this hour (as I write, not post, b/c that may take until tomorrow morning in case I blab too long and end up going to bed and then quickly finish in the a.m. rush of things) we were waking in our guest house to head to the doctor for Niko's final round of shots to keep him breathing safely on the flight home with (then) plans to have a doctor meet us at JFK for another shot in case he became more ill in-flight. Thankfully the shots worked and we were able to rest upon arrival, seeing the doctor the following day and not as our welcome home at the airport.

Fast forward to tonight, 8/10/2011...I walked in to the most amazing little boy opening the door for me and loudly announcing to daddy that it's 'mama', 'mama', 'mama' followed by jumping and then peeking inside my purse for the banana I bring home each night, which he then grabs and runs to the kitchen where we sit on a large throw and a have a 'picnic' together.

This past year has been quite an adventure. Of course after not updating as much as I did in the past, it's the most recent events that are the easiest to put into words. I know I read so many blogs for friendship, comfort, advice and simply to check out how the many diverse personalities out there cope (yes, cope) with the 'adventures' children throw our way.

I feel our biggest hurdle has been coping with lack of sleep. You're not the same person when you don't sleep. Things just don't make sense. YOU don't make sense.
We've had a great strategy going from day one, which is called My Night, Your Night. It's self-explanatory and only has one rule...we do it until neither of us have to deal with nighttime drama for 14 consecutive nights. Eleven nights is our record. We've been home a year. Yup.

It's because just as you conquer one issue, there's ALWAYS another lurking. Once you deal with the initial two-month hunker down bonding period of sleeping closeby, then it's because they wake up in the night and are afraid. A few nights go by peppered with the rare awakening and you congratulate each other on your great progress only to find out the first tooth is peeking through. HA! That first tooth means no sleep for the next eight months as you await the next 19.

The reason I'm focusing on lack of sleep is because it's what recently brought me to my knees. After months of this, I was up for a new reason...the first ill stomach. This was just so sad, as Niko and I were sleeping on his floor with no cushions or blankets because it was so spur of the moment that he yelled a very unusual cry, I was just holding him and then it all happened everywhere. 2am and I'm giving him a bath with him moaning 'mama' 'mama' with his eyes half closed. I was teary, completely fried and in mama-bear mode at the same time. Three hours later I was still up with only two hours remaining before needing to shower and leave for work.

The dirt...skip ahead a few nights with not much more sleep. Mama's close to losing it! Thankfully I have the best husband in the world, because as I'm showering for work with the room spinning from my delirious state, I decide I'm going straight from work today to a hotel because if I don't get a straight 8 hours sleep, I'm going to be no good to anybody, including myself.

I tell him I'll be home by 6:45am the next morning to do the a.m. Niko routine and it won't be a blip on his radar at all. He tells me to enjoy it and that he may do the same in the near future which I completely encourage. I checked into the hotel around 7:30pm, ate dinner, drank 1.5 glasses of wine, caught about eight minutes of Shark Week and was comatose by 8:35pm. It was the best night's sleep I've had in so long. I woke up so refreshed (yes, still tired) but not exhausted. WHAT a difference that makes. I could function and was on top of the world.

A recent melting 'o the heart moment occured as Niko was in our bedroom flipping through one of my fashion mags as I stared in the mirror wondering what to wear to disguise my banged-up, tired looking self. He then comes bounding toward me with much excitement pointing to a Versace model saying "mama"! I melted. My baby thinks I'm pretty, not old & haggered! This couldn't have happened on a better morning for the self-esteem. (On the flip-side of this, our nephew continues to think the shot of David Johansen in our hallway is ME. So, good day = Versace model. Tired day = 61 year old, MALE rocker.)

There will be a warm & fuzzy feeling as I go about my day today, looking back on last year as we landed at JFK with a little boy who had no idea what's in store. His Uncle Scott and Cousin Jack met us at the airport with big hugs & smiles as Niko simply stared them down, assessing the situation. A year later and they're inseparable.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I am thrilled to read an update on your family! Wow has Niko grown - so cute!

    Sleep deprivation is not pretty. Having survived a baby with colic for 6 straight months, getting only minutes of sleep here and there, I can totally empathize. I thought I was going crazy - I mean really crazy. Not a good thing. I wish full nights sleep for you real soon :)

  2. I completely hear you on the sleep front!!!! Can i just say i love Niko's sandal tan lines on his feet?!!!! I hope that's what I saw in the pic;) Cam has circle spotted feet from his crocs on the top of his feet. So I got a kick out of seeing Niko's!!! I cant believe its been a year.


  3. A YEAR! Where has the time GONE? Congratulations on this very significant anniversary :)

    I totally hear you on the sleep front, too. UNBEARABLE. I think your hotel room idea was genius - I remember when we were in the midst of sleep deprivation, I used to gaze longingly at the Novotel near our house and practically weep with desire. Kudos to you for actually DOING it!

  4. SO HAPPY to see a blog post pop up from you. I am selfishly hoping there will be more in the near future! :)
    The lack of sleep has been one of the hardest adjustments for me too. Damn those teeth!!! Why didn't anybody tell me that teething was so miserable?!
    Congrats on one year home!!! Love to you all!

  5. IV'E MISSED YOU!!!!!


    P.S. It does get better!!! Then you do it again.. LOL...

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