Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Go Pennsylvania!!!

official SOS seal as seen on our authenticated letter

One down. Four to go.

The Secretary of State of Pennsylvania is the first office to return one of our authenticated docs for our dossier. Yipppeeeeee!!! Now if the others follow suit, we will be in some serious business. Those pending are: NV, DC, NY & NJ.

Keep in mind the current NY situation though - renotarizing, followed by the County Clerk's office, followed by the Secretary of State.

In other fabulous news today...our home study is officially approved and our agency has forwarded it to CIS (US Citizen & Immigration Services) for their approval. While that is happening, we're hoping the other docs continue to flow in from the SOS offices because once we have the magical I-171H letter from CIS (their official approval), all our goods are off to Ethiopia.

We are in a good place right now.

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  1. congrats on a completed home study! it is a good feeling, huh?