Saturday, June 13, 2009

My First Blog Friend

What would we do without the world wide web? It's something the majority of the world couldn't function without today, yet was nonexistent 20 years ago (at the current capacity anyway).

I couldn't imagine going through the adoption process without access to the internet. The amount of research and knowledge we've gathered online is priceless. In addition, we've been able to follow other families going through the steps that we will soon face, which is so informative.

There are a handful of forums & groups that I follow on a daily basis, particularly the Gladney Yahoo group. The families are so supportive and since everyone is at a different stage, everyone has something to offer another member. It was through a recent question I posted that I met Heidi, my first blog friend!!! I recommend everyone having a blog friend.

So, our new blog friends don't live that far from us, have been through everything we have (and more), work in the city and will most likely become a part of our local Ethiopian adoption community of friends with potential playdates for the children.

I know some of our family & friends who follow our blog are just as overwhelmed with the current paperchase stage as we are, continually thinking...okay enough already...when does the call come for the baby???

Well, Heidi's family is much further along than ours and are very close to getting that call. So if you want to follow someone at the more exciting phase, follow along here as they await their referral call for siblings. So exciting!


  1. be prepared, the obsession will grow when you are done with the paperchase, cuz you will have nothing better to do with yourself :-)
    btw, great name! mine is short for tamara too. and the coincidences don't end there... matt and i lived in new york for 9 years. its where we met!

  2. You are an awesome blog friend and I am so excited to see you get on the wait list...any day now!

  3. We will be your blog friends! Congrats on Gladney approval! :)