Thursday, June 11, 2009

What happens in Vegas...

We have a 2ND place folks! Yes, our authenticated marriage certificate arrived on my desk today with a big fat seal from the Secretary of State of Nevada. That leaves NJ, NY and DC.

To be honest, I'm pulling for DC. The reason you ask?....

NY: We've caught up on the mishap and all docs are now properly notarized & stamped by the NY County Clerk, meaning our folder is ready for the SOS.
I will be making an appearance at the Secretary of State tomorrow (during my lunch break) with very high hopes of leaving with all docs authenticated. (honestly, my plan is to stalk, beg & plead - not leaving until my little manila folder contains all stamps from necessary parties)

NJ: I think it's safe to say that NJ will do whatever NJ wants to do. End of story.

So, that leaves DC - who I can't imagine would leave us hanging. Do you know when you call their office a REAL person answers the phone? Yes, it's true. And the best part? They return your calls when they say they will! Unbelievable. The District of Columbia have put themselves on a very high pedestal in our eyes and I can't think of any scenario other than their docs arriving at my desk within a few days. I refuse to believe they will come in behind NJ in all this. (NJ btw will not only avoid your calls, but will ask you not to call them again when they DO answer. True story.)

Nevada wins my vote in the Happiest Letterhead category.

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  1. Whoohoo! How exciting! Hope you are having good luck at the NY SOS week could be your week!