Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Operation Column Five: Check

Yes, that's right folks. Column five has been completed since we last spoke. What does that mean exactly?

It means that the secretary of state (SOS) in each state we had a document notarized, is about to receive their respective documents from us. They will then approve (aka authenticate) them as legit in their state by applying their SOS seal.

Column six is a big one too. As we get our authenticated docs returned from each state, we'll hold onto them until all are in hand. They will then be submitted to Gladney who will include our home study and final docs on their end. That ladies and gentleman is what compiles a dossier.

This dossier is then forwarded to Ethiopia for review. At that point, we are officially on The Wait List. That will be a very big day in the Horton/Gittens household. V.E.R.Y.

In other news, I took a personal day today to wait for a man to fix a pothole in front of our house and catch up on life in general. By 10:30am, I had returned from the nursery with cilantro, basil, five tomato plants, mint, oregano, a red pepper plant and a yellow pepper plant. Four of the tomato plants went in the backyard with the remaining goodies on the balcony. I'm trying to work my way up to grapes, blueberries and eggplant (maybe next season if this lot makes it).
The remaining part of my day will consist of an amazing project I'm working on, in part with Gladney. Months ago I read about an older girls orphanage in Ethiopia that fosters girls up to the standard age for orphans. The topic being, then what? What are these girls suppose to do then? They've had no parents, no life-skills/guidance, little (if any) education and now are so stunted in their preparation to handle the real world. Gladney has a Brighter Futures program which was started in order to assist these girls with said life skills.
I contacted the (amazing) woman in their NY office heading the humanitarian efforts, told her about my background & that I had a few ideas and would love the opportunity to meet with her.
A lot has happened since that meeting, which I'll post another time - all very exciting and positive stuff. So, I'm off to work on some necklace designs.
Now...where is this pothole man? And why do I assume he is a man? That is unusually and very politically incorrect of me.

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