Thursday, June 18, 2009

We have NJ & DC!!!

The final duo have arrived! We now have full authentication from all states on our original checklist. This is the home stretch before the wait. Only three more things pending...

1. In addition to the above, there are three docs included in the dossier that originate from the adoption agency (standard practice). This means you've got one more Secretary of State to include in your authentication process if your agency is out of state. Thankfully our agency (based in TX) will be submitting them on our behalf. Whew.

2. Prior to these docs being submitted, our caseworker has scheduled a conference call with us. The call is tomorrow afternoon for about 30 minutes to finalize all details of our adoption request & details, i.e. preferred age & sex, medical details, travel & referral info, etc.

3. Lastly, it's the document everyone in the adoption world waits on...the lovely 171-H letter, aka CIS approval. This will come directly to us from CIS (formerly INS) and be the final piece to this puzzle; arriving between 'anyday now' and two weeks.

At that point, we will be on the wait list.


  1. That is awesome news! CIS approval came pretty quickly for us so I hope the same holds true for you!


  2. How exciting! You're getting soooooo close! We're just a few weeks behind you, it seems in our process. So looking forward to moving from the "Paperchase" to the "Wait List"!