Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bring on The Crazy Part One

No, not the dude currently speaking at the U.N. (are you seeing this live coverage?) He's taken crazy to a whole new level! I've visited Auschwitz. Are you kidding me??? I don't have enough time in my day to take him seriously so I choose to laugh. Wow.

So anyway, the crazy I'm referring to is moi and the realization that our wait time has wormed its way into my subconscious to a ridiculous level. It was a profound moment in the A/C filter aisle at Home Depot when this revelation came to light.

Kai & I don't have a car because where we live it's more of a nuisance than a luxury or convenience. We are all about the ZipCar (an hourly rental system created in urban areas for people who don't own cars but need to hit IKEA on occasion). Personally, I think we are single-handedly keeping the Jersey City franchise in business.

And when one grabs a ZipCar your to-do list multiplies exponentially because you're in the mindset of "We're in a car for four hours!!!! Let's go get lots of STUFF." That's the rule and we abide well.

On our last ZipCar trip to Home Depot to buy an A/C filter we became very overwhelmed. This is only the second summer in our new condo and we're still working out the kinks as home-owners. The need to replace our A/C filter took a minute to get on our radar. We now know this is a requirement and can be done from $3 a pop to $24.

And this is when it happened. When reading the fine print of the pricier pieces I saw that among all the 'green' they do, they also last three months. This is fabulous news because if we buy three, our next trip to Home Depot is nine months from now. Ding Ding Ding... That's our wait time!

1 A/C filter = 1/3 Wait Time

It also means the next time we reserve a ZipCar with the memo line listed as "Home Depot", we can be expecting our call!!!
Is it wrong to equate our wait time with simple home maintenance?

Yes, Crazy Part One.
However, I'm looking forward to Part Two because it means we're one step closer.

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  1. May I join you in your crazy, and say that I was thinking, Oh I need to change the Britta filter. But the next time I change it, we might know who our baby is!
    Yeah, crazy.