Thursday, September 10, 2009

Month Two


Today is the anniversary of our second month on the wait list. As you can tell, we're still in the excited, naive stage of waiting. Check back on month 8 and you may sense a different tone to our blog!

According to Merriam-Webster, the official meaning of naive is marked by unaffected simplicity. Check. That's currently us.

So let's jump ahead to our anticipated state of being in six month's time. Their definition of stressball... painful uneasiness of mind. Sounds plausible.

And what are we doing on our second anniversary? Well, call us crazy but coincidentally we are meeting with a preschool this morning. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I must preface this by saying we are not doing this to ensure our child is locked into a college prep daycare with yoga and french lessons prior to age two. (That one is already booked...ha!)

The real reason is because things operate a lot differently in the NYC area compared to other parts of the country. Where I grew up, it was very normal to just "sign on" for school during the month or two prior to school starting. Fortunately (and unfortunately) there are a plethora of options where we currently live and if your school of choice is not narrowed down in advance, you will miss the window of opportunity of getting your child on their wait list. (yes, one more wait in this process!) School wait lists can vary from 6 months to 18 months. So when you do the math, we're actually in the window now of creating our short list. And believe me, it feels just as crazy to us. However, it's certainly something that makes our waiting time a bit easier.

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  1. Oh gosh no (unless you have 14 clever things about yourself!) Mine was just a gentle reminder. And i was too lazy to find new people :-)