Saturday, September 19, 2009

I was Tagged

Before I even start this, I must apologize for taking eons to get around to my tagging replies. Heidi tagged me and then when I fell asleep on the job, Tam re-tagged me. It's a great way for everyone to take their minds off the issues at hand and also get to know each other.

My list consists of seven very light-hearted things about myself rather than anything too deep. I'm sure there will be plenty of time for the deep, dark & crazy side to come out as times get trying along the way. So here goes...

1. I like to keep our Christmas dishes handy all year. They’re a great way to make a humdrum Monday night dinner after a long day at work feel a bit more festive :)

2. I was called Rainbow Bright (among other things) by my oh-so-kind classmates in Jr. High when I dyed my hair orange, pink and purple. I should have listened to my mother and waited for a holiday break in order to get used to it, but instead I insisted on doing it on a Tuesday night after track practice with Beatrice. I was shocked by the response, thinking “How can they not think this is fabulous?” HA! (p.s. We had one red light where I grew up – no McDonalds, no movie theatres, no designer shops. This may help put things in perspective.)

3. I’m still in contact with my three best friends from second grade. We’re all spread out, leading very different lives but last year we made a point of having a girls weekend, which will hopefully continue. I’m also in touch with my first two friends from FIT whom I discovered Europe with for the first time (hence the never-fading travel bug). They’re all friendships that hold a special place, no matter how many more friends you meet later in life.

4. I have an unfortunate habit of getting locked in random places while traveling. To name a few…a fishing boat bathroom in Iceland, a dressing room in Rome, a bathroom in Tokyo and lastly, a bathroom along the Seine in Paris (this rescue mission topped the half hour mark). No idea.

5. A pet peeve: hearing the word literally being used incorrectly.

6. Method Man was filming his ‘Bring tha Pain” video in the courtyard of the apartment building I then shared with three roommates (one who was involved in the shoot). Unbeknownst to me, while I was out my closet became extra storage for the shoot. I awoke the next morning to a man standing at the foot of my bed staring at me. Now, at this time in my life I was NOT a morning person…I not-so-nicely asked “Who are you and what are you doing in my room?” I then stopped short, “Method Man?” He laughed and I continued my tirade as he left. I locked the door behind him and went back to sleep, waking later thinking it was all a dream. I laugh now whenever I hear anything WuTang related.

7. My name was suppose to be StarShine. Thank you dad for stepping in on that one! I still owe you.

And for those I'm tagging...I chose the newer families on the unofficial wait list. Welcome to the group!

Enright Family
Brian & Tracy
Travis & Shannon
Little Hoffman
Road to Adoption
Ted & Lori


  1. awesome, worth the wait!

    um, that's a little weird that Method Man was in your room. i'm just sayin :-)

  2. Thanks Tam!
    Yes, a surreal moment indeed.
    Hope I was clear though, as he was simply returning to the closet to get the rest of his gear.

    This tagging business is a great way to get to know people! :)

  3. Hi Tam,

    I know it's been forever since you tagged us. Finally getting around to saying "hello". I kinda checked out of adoption land for awhile. Needed a break. We just expanded our referral request, so there's a good possibility we'll get our referrals around the same time. Could be in Ethiopia together. Gotta run, but just wanted to say "hi."

    - Shannon West