Friday, September 25, 2009

Court Dates, School & Ace Frehley

Happy Friday to All! I'm in SUCH a great mood for many reasons.

We tuned in last night to our agency's monthly conference call and heard some amazing information. (We're always one day behind because the day/time the call goes live, we're at work). I must preface this by saying that words can not describe how pleased, encouraged, proud, humbled by and inspired I am with our agency.

The first bit of great news is that the rainy season is coming to an end and courts are expected to open next week. YAY!!! That should equate to a lot more movement regarding referrals & court dates which of course lead to travel dates. Yes.

So, back to our agency call - I'm very active in the online international adoption forums; those specific to Ethiopia and well beyond. There is plenty of negative talk right now regarding the topic of corruption, which I am not informed enough to discuss intelligently so I won't. What I will say, as an adoptive parent is that it's all a bit unsettling - especially when you're not informed. These people do it for a living. We're adopting one child, one time. What do we know?

Enter: our agency and *huge sigh of relief*

Every allegation floating around out there right now was addressed on the monthly call and more. The "and more" part is what I applauded. They took the extra step to explain things happening behind the scenes, making it that much more transparent for us. Us being all the adoptive parents out there who have so much riding in their hands right now. We couldn't be more pleased. I took three pages of notes during the call and when it ended...It's rare, but Kai & I kind of just stared at each other. We were speechless. This is good.

So that was last night. This morning was another meeting with a local school. LOVED them. We're getting closer to knowing what we're actually looking for. Yes, we realize we're still a bit away from school but again, it's so key in our area to have a shortlist or you may end up with no choice at all.

And on a much lighter note...what does a girl throw on in the morning when your 9am is with the #1 choice for your child's school and your 12pm meeting at work is with the guitarist from KISS (Ace Frehley)? HA! I job is kind of weird, but it's loads of fun & I wouldn't have it any other way!

Tam & Ace

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