Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We are now #12!!!

I gasped yesterday and went into full blog stalking mode as I read Tam's post. It referenced all the referrals & movement on the unofficial Wait List. I had no idea! Normally, I follow the Yahoo Ethiopia/Gladney group to find out about families receiving their referrals. I don't check the FBI (the unofficial list) regularly. That is certainly changing.

Last week I noticed a very long lull on the Yahoo group and wondered if something was up with my computer. How can nobody be posting? It turns out I missed a whole lot...Rebecca & Colin got "The Call" for a 7 week old girl, Robyn received a referral for a 2.5 month old little boy, Shawn accepted their referral of a 2 month old little girl and another family got "The Call" for their 10 month old little girl (they don't have a blog).

I posted their links so everyone else can check out "The Call" posts. They are my absolute favorite of this whole process. "The Call" post is the one that describes the moment the waiting family receives their referral call from their caseworker. No matter who you are, it seems to turn your world upside down with utter bliss. So much so, that it seems most families forget every detail once the caseworker says "I have a referral for you. Are you near a computer?".
We're sending a huge congratulations to all of you who just received your referrals and wishing you a quick court process to get over there and bring your babies home.

Now we just need Heidi & Mark to get their call for their siblings. Siblings can take a little longer, but they've been sitting at the #1 spot for quite some time and we're all rooting for this week to be the one. I can't imagine what we'll be like at that spot, based on how anxious I already am for another family. Between Facebook, her blog and the Yahoo group - we're all checking in daily for their news. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?


  1. You are so sweet. Needless to say, I am ready for my call story, but I figure if I hang out here at the top long enough you will catch up and then we can travel together. That would be a pretty great silver lining!

  2. It's definitely a very exciting time. Our daughter actually turned 4 months on Sunday. The 7 week old baby girl is for H&M at Our Bluebird House. Regardless, I think I can now speak from experience ... I really believe that you get matched with the child that is perfect for you. I have yet to hold her and I already know this. I know that there will be many periods of transitions and that it may be strange and awkward emotionally at first. But I trust this. I am also just so happy that we are a Gladney family! Thanks for your well wishes. It means so much to have this network of friends that understand everything.

  3. i'm so happy for everyone and look forward to your time being somewhat soon as well!