Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jack & The Dinosaur

Some little tidbits will be thrown into this blog that have nothing to do with adoption, but more to do with either family or simply a current event in NYC (or the world). We'll definitely be creating a Life Book for our new baby, but with technology making things so easy, we may be able to capture a more complete story for him by including our family blog along with his Life Book.

It seems like we're always celebrating a birthday in our family. Yesterday was my sister's...Happy Birthday Mandie!!! And a big congratulations on her recent wedding in Jamaica. We'll be seeing them all this next weekend for the reception. Can't wait!
Next up on the birthday list is our nephew, Jack, who will be four very soon. We have the pleasure of his company this weekend, as he'll be spending the night with us tonight after his soccer game today. The inspiration for the dinosaur?

His mother's Facebook posts last week:
Mommy to Jack: "Jack, you need to wash your hands."
Jack to Mommy: "I also NEED a dinosaur."

Next morning...
Mommy to Jack: "Good morning Jack. How are you today?"
Jack to Mommy: "The same. I still don't have a dinosaur."

That's the moment Operation Dinosaur began for Aunt Tam & Uncle Kai. And voila!

Now, I only hope his reaction is what I've built it up to be in my head! Stay tuned.

Off to the gym now. (yes, I'm still plugging away on that venture)

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  1. You are an awesome aunt!!! I love this post! You can save this post for his life book too.