Saturday, May 8, 2010

Double The Fun

Baby N's paperwork has not been completed by his orphanage, therefore was not available to be submitted to court in time for the ticking clock of the new law. We're one of the first families to fall under the new law going into effect on Monday and will be traveling twice.

It's like a cloudy film was peeled away yesterday when our caseworker called, allowing us to finally see the next few (and final) steps on our journey to BN. Those steps include:

Over the next few days/weeks:
* BN's orphanage is responsible for compiling his docs from various local agencies (comparable to the paperwork Kai & I gathered to create our dossier last year)
* orphanage hands over paperwork to Gladney
* Gladney submits BN's paperwork & our dossier to court, requesting a court date

Two-Four weeks later:
* court date is issued

Three-Six weeks later:
* court date happens (we appear in court & stay in country for one week)
* once we pass, BN's passport & travel docs are being prepped for his flight home

Two-Three weeks later:
* we travel to bring BN home :)

This timeline is a very rough estimate with a few key factors to note. Nothing is put into motion until the orphanage presents the paperwork. And… Court dates are expected to be a bit backlogged due to yesterday’s rush of agencies scrambling to get their cases submitted by deadline.

So, the dirt…many have asked how we’re doing. Well, we’re turning this into an adventure and will soon see where it takes us on our way to & from Addis. Through the numerous budget airlines offered outside the US, it’s a great resource for saving some dollars while seeing a new corner of the world. It’s not for everyone, but we’ve done it on various trips, LOVE it and will be doing it again.

The number one issue, following the financial aspect, that caused anxiety among many families upon hearing the new requirements was “How will we ever be able to get on the plane and leave our child(ren) behind?”

I've got no positive spin for that one, folks. It’s not going to be easy. The other eye-popper for me was hearing that while in-country on our first trip, we’ll see BN at court and then at some point, spend about an hour with him at his care center. I was planning to hunker down at his care center for most of our week in Addis. oof. Bring on the ‘ugly cries’!

I think our new camera will become our best friend and perfect distraction on trip #1. By having a week in Addis, we’ll become explorers; taking every opportunity to capture the reality and future memories for BN . From his home area, the locals, the landscape and everything in between - we’ll be working on his story through pictures of his home country for his baby book.

We are very much looking forward to the remainder of our journey and very fortunate to be standing in these shoes.


  1. Our thoughts are with you! And I'm glad you at least "know" how the remainder will play out now. Once less thing to wonder about - traveling twice or not.

  2. Really glad that you finally have clarity on this. I wish your papers had been submitted - nto so much to avoid two trips, but so you could get an earlier court date! But you are so right about it being an adventure - cameras at the ready! And tastebuds - you're going to have some amazing food in Addis!

  3. Darn! Well, you now know how to plan, and I'm sure that's a relief. Some of the "limbo" is cleared up!

    Praying for that paperwork to come together QUICK!

  4. I feel so sad for you guys. On a brighter note I know how much our family love to travel and you are right you can get to know Baby N"s country. By the way Tam HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Baby N has the great mommy in the world. Great sister too!!! love ya Aunt Dody

  5. I was sorry to read that the paperwork isn't there yet. Just sent up a prayer that it gets there sooner rather than later so that things can keep moving!

  6. Just think what an impression this whole blog will make on Baby N once he is old enough to read it and understand it! WOW!! What a lucky boy.... Good things come to those who wait.


  7. I agree - knowing is half the battle. And I am digging your positive attitude! So much to explore in such an old, proud country!

    And it was an HONOR to kiss your son. He is handsome, and such a charmer!!! What out, ladies! :)